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Dear brother,

We are glad you are starting this course! There are so many men out there needing for connection and understanding from their peers, but they don't find the courage to ask for it, or maybe they haven't found the right place. So let us reassure you: you have found the right, and you have armed yourself with the courage to make the first step. So kudos for you! 

Today we will be focusing on introducing a term that perhaps is new to you: overcompensation.

Let's get a better understanding of this term with this video:

The human being acts in ways that are either aligned with, or misaligned with their true essence. Many of our behaviours come from a personality structure that began to be formed in the early years, which was designed to help us to survive - to get from the environment those things that we needed to survive. As humans, we are very dependent on our caregivers for a long time, and as we are social animals, we learn from a young age how to adapt our behaviour in order to perform, and get what we need from our caregivers. If we are lucky, we are given love and nourishment freely, and it is not dependent on how well we conform to our caregivers' ideas of behaviours that are deserving of love.

However, many of us were not that lucky, and we began to realise that we had to perform in ways that were not a reflection of our true feelings in the moment, just to get the love and nourishment we so badly needed. This was the beginning of our personality, and we became more and more successful at behaving in the right way to get love, or to protect ourselves from the physical / emotional pain of not getting that love, or for many, the actual physical and emotional pain of abuse.

This personality structure helped us to survive, and although it might lead us to behaviours that we don't want anymore, we have to remember that it has done an amazing job of getting us to the place we are today. Now its time to look a little deeper at our behaviours, and rather than react from an unconscious place, to make our own decisions, in the moment, for how we would like to behave.

If what we want to do is transmit a relaxed and confident attitude, in order to attract the right people into our lives, but what we are actually transmitting is fear and insecurity, then Man-In can help you to identify and transform those behaviours, so that you can begin to live your truth, which is love/ consciousness etc etc.


Introduction to the exercise.

Explain what you need, where to do it. Can also be suggestions like: "you can do this meditation sitting in front of the computer, or you can play it on your smartphone and listen to it while you take a walk in a quiet place"...

If there's any technical explanation required, like downloading the file and uploading in the phone, explain it briefly.

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