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Thu, 14 Oct


Dima Center For Conscious Living

Man-In Awakening 2021

For all those brothers, Seeking for truth. This is the space to arrive to yourself. This is the brotherhood you have been longing for!

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Man-In Awakening 2021
Man-In Awakening 2021

Time & Location

14 Oct 2021, 17:00 CEST – 17 Oct 2021, 16:00 CEST

Dima Center For Conscious Living, Diseminado Diseminados Var, 251, 07240, Islas Baleares, Spain

About the Event

For all those brothers                                             

Seeking for truth                                         

Hungry for wholeness                                      

Yearning for connection                           

This is the space to arrive to yourself              

This is the brotherhood you have been longing for! 

Join Kranti and Shiva in the wild and beautiful countryside of Dima, Centre for Conscious Living. Located right in the middle of Mallorca, this weekend intensive will see men gather to create and support a strong, collective presence with a unified intention to scratch below the surface and ask ourselves what stops us from really showing up in our lives. 

You will be introduced to material designed by Rafia Morgan, Co-Founder of Path Retreats and co-creator of Rebel Wisdom to: 

- Talk about things you wouldn’t usually talk about 

- Inquire and be curious to look at old beliefs and patterns that hold you back 

- Express feelings in a safe, held space without being judged 

- Let go of repressed anger and frustration through different exercises and techniques 

- Invite you to challenge some of your beliefs around fear 

- Begin the journey to manifest becoming the Director of your life and not just an actor 

- Start to discover your very own natural state of relaxed confidence as a man, grounded and rooted here on this earth, moment to moment, in your masculinity 

- Be motivated to embrace leaning into your edge because you know this is what makes you come alive. 

Be ready for lots of physical activity like moving your body and using your voice to help shift old, blocked negative energy that has got stuck. There will be lots of movement and meditation.. 

You will leave this weekend feeling deeply energised, inspired and connected. Connected not only to new brothers but to your own body and feelings, and to your life force energy. Honouring the aliveness and strength of what it is and what it feels like to be masculine.  

All men are welcome! 



Starts: Thursday October 14th at 5pm - Sunday 17th October at 6pm (option of staying an extra night on Sunday evening at a minimal extra cost) 

Early Bird: €475.- (before Aug 31st) Full Price: €550.- (including full board and accommodation) 

(Due to the ever changing Covid-19 situation, we have a flexible cancellation policy. Please contact us for further details).    

In order to follow guidelines from the Ministry of Health, we will ask you to show proof of a valid and negative Covid test. If you do not have one, you will be able to take a Rapid Anti Gen test onsite for a small fee. 

For more information please  whatsapp Steve/Shiva:  0041 783 532 411

or email us at:               



Did you know, it is in our very nature as men to be grounded in ourselves? We are not born to be castrated! 

It is important to understand that even the most extreme feminists are not against masculinity. The qualities that everyone judges are not those of natural masculinity,  they are against the distorted masculinity that is being played out on the global stage. 

We as men (and women) are unfortunate to grow up in a time where masculine and feminine roles are confused. Many pyschologists agree that, in society, we teach boys it is not okay to be hurt, it is not okay to be vulnerable, but that it is okay to cover that up with anger and silence. 

On a personal level, I often wonder what my life would have been like as a man if I had gone through some Rite of Passage from boyhood into manhood, like they do in other cultures in Africa and South America. What if my dad had been part of that, with other men, taking me through something that consciously demonstrated to me what a man can be, supporting me to find that presence in myself?  

I know for sure the relaxation it would have given me is priceless. It could have saved me from great suffering and anxiety primarily because I never felt really grounded in my masculinity. What a difference that would have made to me in areas around sex, responsibility, direction. To honour and feel the aliveness and strength of what it is to be masculine. 

How many men do you know who live in their heads all the time, disconnected from their bodies/feelings/emotions? 

How many men do you know who are rooted to the earth, and still connected to their heart? 

How many men do you know who are not performance-anxious, who carry an air of relaxed confidence, unafraid to show vulnerability? 


There are not that many genuine male role models out there. And yet, deep down, you know you are that man, you know you have him in you. That man is your higher self and for him to reveal himself you are going to have to start to acknowledge and embrace your weaknesses as well as your strengths, your fears as well as your courage. 

     "Courage is not about not having fear, but the ability to act despite having fear.”   (Rafia Morgan)       

We hope, with Man-In, to create a space where men can come together to explore their masculinity in a safe and supportive environment because: 

We believe that we can uncover our intuitive knowledge about what being a man really is by exploring ourselves fearlessly with a community of other men. 

We believe that our fear, our discomfort, our anger and our longing to show up in the world as real men will show us the way to our authentic selves. 

We believe that by doing this, we dismantle unhealthy behaviour patterns that limit our ability to love, to be present with others, to act with integrity and to create and cultivate healthy relationships. 

We believe that we can only know and speak about our truth, and will support you only to find your own truth. 

We believe that by being grounded in our true and authentic selves, we will naturally embody the masculine and this will invite, encourage and support other men to do the same. 

We hope you will join us for this exciting & courageous adventure!  

For more information contact Steve/Shiva by Whatsapp: 0041 783 532 411                                                    

or email us at:

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