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We run multiple retreats per year


We are currently in expansion

Man-In 'Awakening' Retreats

A 4-day retreat, within a 4-month journey that empowers men to break through limiting beliefs and to reconnect with the true power of their hearts, minds and bodies.

Man-In 'Awakening' Retreats
Man-In 'Awakening' Retreats

Time & Location

We run multiple retreats per year

We are currently in expansion

About the Event

Man-In Awakening is essentially a 4-Day Retreat that includes 4 months of support and guidance from the facilitators. It is a process that, together with other men, will help you look deeper into discovering the man you really are.

In this journey men gather to create and support a strong, collective presence with a unified intention to scratch below the surface and ask ourselves what stops us from really showing up in our lives.

The process is designed to empower you to:

  • Break resistance and begin to challenge self-limiting beliefs 
  • Transform your fear, anger and sadness into joy and playfulness
  • Connect to your body and its innate wisdom
  • Break free of heavy emotions that keep you down
  • Find trust in yourself and other men by owning your emotions 
  • Find direction and meaning
  • Manifest more fulfilling relationships

This journey consists of 3 phases:

Preparation - 3 weeks before retreat - Self Enquiry Questions (at your own pace)

Initiation - 4 day - Residential Retreat at Dima Mallorca or other location (TBD)

Integration - for 3 months after the retreat - 3 x Community Zoom Calls with Facilitators, Interactive Online Community, Sharings and Enquiries with Brothers.

Schedule Format

Individual inquiry — 3 weeks

The preparation phase of the Man-In Awakening journey is there to help you identify limiting beliefs around being a man. It consists of 3 individual inquiry / inner exploration questions every week into various concepts around masculinity. You can do the inquiries in your own time, at your own pace. It is recommended to find a quiet place to yourself to support the process of going in.

Residential Retreat — 4 days

The initiation phase is a 4-day residential retreat in DIMA, a Center for Conscious Living in Mallorca, Spain. You will be part of a safe container and strong collective field in which you will:

  • meditate with other men
  • breathe with other men
  • embrace your anger with other men 
  • shift blocked energy with other men 
  • inquire with other men
  • express feelings with other men 
  • own your shit with other men

Expect to

  • Talk about things you wouldn’t usually talk about
  • Inquire and be curious to look at old beliefs and patterns that hold you back
  • Express feelings in a safe, held space without being judged
  • Let go of repressed anger and frustration through different exercises and techniques
  • Be invited to challenge your beliefs around fear
  • Begin the journey to manifest becoming the ‘director’ of your life, not just an ‘actor ‘
  • Start to discover your very own natural state of relaxed confidence as a man, grounded and rooted here on this earth, moment to moment, in your masculinity
  • Be motivated to embrace leaning into your edge because you know this is what makes you come alive
  • Be ready for lots of physical activity and active meditations - moving your body and using your voice can help shift old, blocked, negative, energy.

What it will ask from you

You will have to complete all 3 phases. We ask you to give it your all, so please don’t sign up if you are not ready. This program is only for the brave who are ready to take the challenge and show up for themselves. You need to be willing to delve into your shadow as well as shine in your light.

What you will get out of it

The journey will create a profound shift in your inner being. You will:

  • Feel connected to your body and feelings 
  • Feel connected to new brothers
  • Feel the fire of being alive
  • Be able to trust yourself and find direction 
  • Feel empowered to move through life with relaxed confidence

When and where it will be

The Man-In Awakening 4-day retreats are usually held in DIMA, a Center for Conscious Living, Mallorca, which is surrounded by wild and beautiful countryside. They are held 1 or 2 times per year, and we are currently exploring other locations.

The overall 3 phase process will span a period of 4 months.

What it will cost you

The Man-in Awakening Experience costs €700,- for all 3 phases. This excludes food & accommodation for the residential retreat. At DIMA the daily price for food & accommodation is €55 for a shared room and bathroom. We advise you to stay one extra day after the retreat to allow for some integration before returning home.

With all of our love and commitment as facilitators and, above all, as fellow fellow men on this path of transformation, we hope you will take the leap and join us on this journey.

Best wishes to you all,

Kranti and Shiva

Man-In Founders and Facilitators

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